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Relive the exciting days of the “iron horse” with this meticulously rendered model of an old-fashioned, steam-driven train. Authentically recreated by noted author and paper engineer A.G. Smith, this ready-to-be-assembled, three-dimensional facsimile includes everything from locomotive to caboose: tender, passenger car, baggage car, boxcar and flat car. (Armchair engineers will also appreciate the charming replica of a small-town train station, with a water tower and even two baggage wagons.)

Over 44 inches long and printed in full color on heavy stock, this captivating relic of a bygone era comes complete with clearly written, easy-to-follow instructions and exploded diagrams – making assembly easy even for beginners. Only a few simple tools are needed: straight-edge, glue, X-ACTO knife and scoring tool.

Lovers of old trains, miniaturists and nostalgia buffs will find this old-fashioned model train rekindling fond memories of another era … when “fiery chariots” captured the imagination of generations of Americans.

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Cut & Assemble


By A.G. Smith

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